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We are each our own healer with the power within us to heal and thrive. Our aim is to re-awaken that power within you, enabling you to restore harmony and balance to every aspect of your life.

Geraldine is a Master in Traditional Feng Shui – the art of placement in Homes and Businesses to enhance all areas of one’s life.

Meet Geraldine

Geraldine discovered through personal illness, the natural healing abilities within each one of us. We heal and restore harmony and balance when we treat ourselves holistically, incorporating the spirit, mind, emotions in addition to our physical body.

Geraldine’s recovery through taking this approach led her to study energy healing and vibrational remedies. It was an unexpected, but very welcome bonus that this approach also had a profound affect on her struggle with anxiety and depression.

She is now a Master Teacher of Usui Reiki and Seichim SKHM All-Love. She also holds a diploma in Sound Therapy. Geraldine is trained in The Emotion Code using magnetic healing. She is also a qualified interior designer and a Feng Shui Master.

Geraldine is currently only seeing Feng Shui clients.

Geraldine blogs regularly at www.flaminwisdom.com

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